Three Major Promotional Products Faux Pas


Can Promotional Products (Swag) Be Bad For Your Business?

In this digital world, do promotional products really still work?

As mentioned in the following Forbes article, a study shows that, on average, people hang on to their promotional product for an average of eight, yes, eight months! On top of that, 60% of people give them away after they no longer need them. So not only have you had a chance to make a good impression on your target market, but now, a whole new group of people you might never have had the opportunity to reach, has a chance to see your message.

A great majority of people who are given promotional products are also more likely to have a positive impression of your company. Who does not like to receive a free gift. To your customers, it simply means “you care”. One of the many advantages of promotional items is that they are tangible. You can touch and feel them and, unlike many other forms of advertising, which consumers have learned to ignore, the recall rate for some promotional products is a whopping 85%!

If they are so valuable, why don’t all businesses use them, at least, once a year? Probably, the biggest issues businesses face are not knowing which ones will work best, measuring effectiveness and final cost. For some, just using what everyone else is using is the easy way to go. Problem is, even if you use the exact same promotional item that was successfully used with another business, it not does mean this same product will work for your business and specific promotion (see this video about the importance of being different…).

Promotional products are still going strong for a reason. When done right, they can greatly impact your sales and revenue. We would be happy to work with your marketing/sales team to try to answer those questions and help you maximize your ROI (Return On Investment).

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