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The Power of Promotional Products


There is no question, promotional products do work. So why is it that some Sales Managers, General Manger and Owners in the Hospitality Industry do not get the results they were expected or even close to that when using promotional products? In most situations, I have found that three main factors greatly influenced the results:

  • The Right Promotional Product – That seems so obvious to some, but I  so often found that the selection of a promotional item was not generally influenced by whether or not the promotional item would yield the intended results but rather was too simply guided by such things as price, simplicity of acquisition (quick web search) and/or personal and outside biases. The sad thing is, all these can be addressed successfully if a little extra thought is put into the decision. Getting the results you want (increased sales, enhance customer and employee satisfaction…) can be as simple as asking the right questions to the right people. Don’t just go online, find something interesting, cute or cheap and hope for the best, use the FREE advice you can get from someone who is very familiar with the promotional products industry and, even better, someone who is also familiar with your industry. You will save time, money and all the headaches that may come from the DIY method.
  • Quality Decoration – There is no point in getting a great promotional item if the print (or emboss or otherwise) on your promotional product does not look good and does not last as long as it should. I have seen too many great ideas just go flat as the decoration peeled off the item, the print faded too quickly or the emboss got smoothed away and more.
  • Having access to someone who can answer your questions – So, you got your promotional item, you loved the results, now what? Whoever sold you the promotional items should do more than just send you follow up blanket emails with loose suggestions on what may be of interest and what’s on sale or hot. You should have access to a specific rep who is interested in your results and knows the promotional products industry as well as has some very good knowledge of your industry. Your rep should keep good records from previous conversations and items and ideas you mentioned. Your rep should look more specifically at your business (not just your industry) and come up with quality suggestions to help you reach your goals or solve problems. Your rep should be available to brainstorm new ideas and suggest product ideas. Bottom line is, whoever you work with needs to be there for you and your specific needs. Having a quality, dedicated, interested rep can be so crucial!

Below Are Some Video (And More) You May Find Valuable

Americans have spoken: Americans have spoken!!! They respond to promotional products. For more than 200 years, these vehicles of promotion have integrated their way into daily life, serving not only as useful tools, but as powerful, long-lasting advertising.

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