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Is There Really a Best Time To Utilize Promotional Products?


According to the BPMA, it’s never been a better time to utilize the power of promotional products. In times of economic downturn, the companies that are remembered are the ones that survive, and sometimes even do more than that. And the best way to get yourself into the minds and memories of potential customers is to be seen on that one item they pick up and use multiple times a day—be that a favorite coffee cup or reach-for pen.

The BMPA suggests based on years of research that one of the best forms of advertising is promotional products, since it makes clients and customers feel more appreciated than a regular thank you email or social media message. It’s more personal. Today, it’s also more personalized thanks to improvements in digital print technology—one can even have products printed with customers’ individual names, which is not only a more profound personal touch; it also guarantees that the customer will hang onto the product for a longer amount of time.

The question that arises is: Which product to use? While many marketing companies are branching out from the traditional desk ware and mugs to newer, more original products, most companies still stick to the traditional pens, bags, mugs, and small electronics. Their logic is that while some newer products—tea cozies, bubbles, you name it—are original and less likely to be found elsewhere, they aren’t used nearly as often. For instance, as neat and different as a build-it-yourself kite with your company’s logo on it is, kites are seasonal, and in this mobile day and age, rarely leave the garage. In the meantime, we drink about 1,500 cups of coffee or tea in a year. The average time someone hangs into a promotional item is about two and a half years, longer if it’s more expensive or nostalgic. Pick wisely; toe the line between original and useful, and don’t immediately reach for what’s cheapest—often the more you put into it, the longer your potential customers will hang onto the item.

So when is a good time to use promotional products, and how is it best to use them to interact with your customers?

  • Bundle a few products together to create a customer welcome package
  • Release limited addition products for a short amount of time to promote a new service
  • Use them as gifts for events and holidays
  • Send a Thank You or apology to a customer
  • Use them as add-ons to products and services you offer
  • Promote specific services, draw attention to a lesser known product or service you offer
  • Bring products along to shows or individual client visitations

Research shows that your products will more than pay their own way. A recent study conducted by the BPMA showed that 76% of marketers will hang onto promotional products they receive, and 73% will follow up and make a purchase from the company. In addition, 83% percent of them will remember a promotional product on their desk or wall without having to refer to it.

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