Promotional Products for Resorts

As you may have read in our home page, we work with several promotional products suppliers. These suppliers were selected for their amazing prices, amazing customer services and quality guarantees. We can either help you select a promotional product that is most likely to give you the results you expect or, you can do the whole search yourself. Either way, we are here to help and answer questions!  

Helping Your Resort Succeed With Promotional Products

Your main concerns are likely to be ensuring the overall functioning of your resort. This includes ensuring that guests are comfortable and satisfied and resort staff operation is running smoothly. Of course the ultimate goal is driving revenue, retaining existing customers and attracting new business.

As promotional product marketing specialists with a focus on the hospitality industry, we are better prepared to help you find products that will help you set your resort apart from competitors and provide an excellent level of service. Let us do the work for you and help you achieve those important goals. And it won’t cost you anything to use our expertise.

Tell us about your next event, corporate meeting, sales goal and we will take the time to find a promotional product that is most likely to yield the results you want. Promotional Product ideas that work

We can help you find the product that can give you an additional advantage over your competitors and market that to meeting professionals and travel agents.

No, not another catalog! With over 1.3 million promotional products available, the last thing you need is another overwhelming bunch of product information that is too general and likely to be put aside in a file cabinet, drawer or the recycling bin.

Why not just use the internet search engines? The internet lacks focus and offers too many possibilities, requiring hours of your time to narrow down what will work for you. Let us take on this responsibility for free!

You already know what you need! It’s easy to get stuck on what you have always used. We offer a free consultative approach to give you other ideas that may be more current and/or relevant to attract new business.

How many choices can there be? In the USA alone, there are over 3,500 suppliers of promotional products offering over 1.3 million products. Don’t just do pens or a t-shirt or a baseball cap because they happen to be the most popular items to print.

Please, just e-mail or call us and let us help you save time and money and significantly improve your results. We do not charge for questions and consultation!

Whether your resort is a top destination in Pittsburgh or not, we can help!

We are an independent promotional products company specializing in the hospitality industry. If you have an upcoming event, we would like to send you innovative product ideas and make available samples (see before you decide!).

Among other things, I would be happy to brainstorm branded product ideas for:

  • Guests Satisfaction – Promotional products that carry your message long after an event, overnight stay or tour. if you are not presently using them, we can help you select the product likely to yield best results – novel items to help your resort stand out.
  • Sales Group/Third Party Products – As a Sales manager or Sales Director, you may target many industry groups. We would be happy to brain storm ideas with you and come up with promotional products that will impress your group vs print escape
  • Employee Retention – Promotional products are used for employee incentives and rewards. This gives you valuable tools that can boost morale and promote loyalty.

You have access to:

  • Traditional resort products such as pens, note pads, uniforms, towels, laundry bags, soaps, shampoos…AND
  • Innovative product ideas to help you stand out from the competition.
  • Great prices – We work with hundreds of highly rated suppliers – A to A+.
    Small minimum order size available
  • Expert help selecting the branded product that works best. We will take the time to understand your goals and suggest ideas and promotional products.
  • 24 hour Rush Orders – For those times when you just need an order fast, we offer rush processing options on many products!
  • Excellent customer service – Before and after the order is in, we make sure to keep you updated and deliver products on time.
  • Sample before you buy – Once you have decided on a product or products that would meet your needs and goals, we would be happy to get you samples of the promotional products you are considering. We feel you should be able to acquaint yourself with a promotional product you are considering. It is similar to the concept of a test drive, in that you are able to try out a product before purchasing it.
  • Quality products that will make you look good – We offer USA Made, Eco Friendly, Fair Trade products and more.
  • Multiple printing methods such as silk screening, embroidery, embossing, sublimation, engraving and many more technical ones which we will be happy to suggest as needed.


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