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Left Brain, Right Brain & The Hospitality Industry


The late scientist Paul Broca made the discovery that different areas of the brain perform different functions. From that discovery, scientist have made the conclusion that our two hemispheres, the left brain and right brain process information very differently. The left hemisphere is the logical side (math, analysis, pattern recognition…) . The right brain is very different. The right brain looks at possibilities, where our imagination takes shape. The right brain works in symbols and images. It is where we solve problems and give meaning.

Now, what does this have to do with the hospitality industry? When we target potential guests with hours of operations, phone number, address, prices, bullet points to remember…we target the left brain. The left brain processes it all as facts and we believe that this may get them to book a hotel room or a resort package, right? Wrong! We are just appealing to the left brain. When we deliver information that appeals to the imagination that causes potential guests to feel a certain way and form images in their mind, we are targeting the right brain. That is simply because that is where creativity rests. That is where imagination creates images. That is where we can imagine a plethora of possibilities. And when new possibilities are triggered, excitement and positive energy builds.

If you first appeal to the left brain with numbers and figures and facts, you may just be wasting your time. Instead, appeal to the right brain with fun, playfulness, fantasy and imagination. And when that happens, the listener will become connected to your message and your product and doubt will be eliminated.

Now, we are still dealing with whole people and once your message has moved your client’s right brain it will be necessary to relate to the intellect portion of the brain. You need to connect the clients desire, to their “bottom Line” concerns. Human behavior, at its base, is driven by the need to avoid pain and the desire to gain pleasure. Even when we do something that appears to be painful, we do it because we associate pleasure with the action and the possibility of valuable gain.The price needs to match the right brain triggered value!

For example, you present your potential guests with images and descriptions of a cruise package. The client’s right brain is triggered, excitement rises. The left brain considers pricing, dates… and other factors. Depending on your left brain’s perceived right brain value, then a decision to buy or not to buy will be made.

These ideas also assume that you have not given your clients too many buying options as that can lead to decision paralysis. We shall cover this in another posting! Please, keep in mind that this article is a condensed version of a more complete idea and includes generalizations. It requires more specific applications and its main purpose is to help you consider certain aspects in people’s decisions making process. If you like to find out how promotional products can help in this process, please do not hesitate to ask. Have a successful week!

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