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Promo Products Showcase – Gift Bag – Micro Fiber Hand Duster – Cannabis Strain Tracker – Sling Bag – Ribbon & Bows


Custom Imprinted Gift Bag

Great for a logo on the front. In that bag you can put treats for your hotel clients or prospects. You can have personalized or non-personalized chocolates and pretzels – lots of nash in this gift bag! This is particularly great for the holiday season. And imagine when your client or prospect sharing the treats with everyone in their office. People always remember a good food gift. Not only that, your treats are in a reusable tote with your brand on the front so, even after all the treats are gone, your clients and prospects can still remember who gave them this gift bag. REQUEST A QUOTE

Custom Imprinted Micro Fiber Hand Duster

These offer a great spot at the top for a logo. This is perfect for the office. How many times have you noticed a dusty shelf or dusty shelf. Often you may have nothing on hand to dust your shelves. This is great for office use. It can be given to all employees of a company. If you are targeting new homeowners, this may make a great gift.  REQUEST A QUOTE

Custom Imprinted Cannabis Strain Tracker

With legal marijuana starting to pop up all over the U.S., with this manual, you can track progress, strain used, so if someone is casual user or a medicinal user, they can keep track where purchased and everything they need to know about a particular strain. Should they be going through chemo therapy and find that one strain works better than the other, they want to make sure that can identify that strain. This is very good for dispensaries, or others who do sell marijuana legally. REQUEST A QUOTE

Custom Imprinted Sling Bag

We really like this product. They come with a noice long handle so thjey can be worn over a shoulder. They offer a large area on the front for a nice imprint. The start of the trade show season is going to be the start of the new year. When going tot trade shows, people pick up a lot of brochure, catalogs  and other items. Where to put all that in? A sling bag is perfect for carrying all those.  Others will see the bag and look to find out where to get it which will give you even more exposure. Some of these come with multiple sections for different types of items to carry. Very good for college fairs because students go to these college fairs and need something to carry all they find at the fair. REQUEST A QUOTE 

Custom Imprinted Ribbon & Bows

Very nice step and repeat printing with your logo. They come in a variety of color such as metallic colors, solid colors… These ribbon bows can be perfect to finalize the packaging on a client or prospect gift. These, of course, can be for the holidays but Re also great for a business anniversary or a birthday. They can also be used with employee appreciation gifts. You can really pretty up your gift package with custom ribbons and bows. REQUEST A QUOTE

Not sure which promotional product will work for you? Please ask us! We will take the time to brainstorm ideas with you without any pressures to feel like you have to “buy” something. If you already know what you need, we will be happy to search for the best possible option(s) from the hundreds of high rated suppliers we work with.

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