Gardening Set Gift For Your Guests


Get your guests more involved during their stay and share the great experience

These product ideas came out of a post we saw on LinkedIn for a Hotel that decided to set up a vegetable garden. 

Sounds creative! loving gardening ourselves, we had a particular appreciation for this. The question was, would it create goodwill? Would it bring guests back to your hotel, Inn, Bed & Breakfast…? Maybe this particular hotel had a gardening convention coming? Although there was no indication of that.

So, we suggested that they should get, interested hotel guests, involved and have them garden a little plot themselves. When people put in a garden, they may look forward to coming back and see how their plot is doing. They may tell their friends about their garden plot and your hotel. Their friends may decide to check out the results or make it a get away goal for themselves. Either way, when your guest are involved beyond the usual stay in the room, that creates positive connections to your facility and possible new and repeat traffic and more business for your hotel.

We also suggested that the hotel offer the items, similar to the one at right or some variation of it. These can be given to interested hotel guest and they can only keep it if they go ahead and plant something. Gardeners get very emotional about planting and every time they see your imprinted logo associated with that feeling, it is bound to create the right impression and higher chance of revisit

By the way, gardening can also be indoors!

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