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Flying in a thunderstorm? No worries!


Of course plane manufacturers will tell you that the plane is safe and is not going to break up into pieces when it flies into bad weather (“yes the airplane is built to withstand these bad conditions”), but we all want to hear it form 3rd parties and there are numerous such as Civil Aviation for the Aerospace Industries Association.

According to an FAA statement, the federal agency “sets the standards for the certification and continued safety of all aviation products. For an airplane, the agency outlines the requirements the manufacturers have to meet for the structure, materials, and all components in the airplane. The manufacturer must demonstrate through testing or with data that the product meets the government’s standards.”

On top of what the government requires, manufacturers add their own testing to old and newly designed airplanes. Manufacturers can go above and beyond [FAA] rules. That can be based simply on the manufacturer’s experience or knowledge of how the airplane will be used.

Nowadays, aircraft testing is incredibly elaborate and rigorous. New planes only make it into the air after a long list of tests – from chucking large birds into jet engines to simulate bird strikes to bending the wings to extreme angles.

One great indicator of when to worry at all is to just see how flight attendants are reacting; if they are acting normally then don’t worry about it [but] if they are white in the face, then that is fairly significant and maybe you should fasten your seat belt, put on your bike helmet and wrap yourself in bubble wrap.

Whether turbulence are significant or not, aviation experts say you will be safe if you sit down and buckle up.

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