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Do Your Promotions Stand Out?


Make It Memorable

Cost per impression is a good metric but, ultimately, you want your promo product to invite the client or prospect to pick up the phone and call your business. You need to make your promotional product stand out and differentiate your approach from the slew of other marketing materials your prospects or clients receive. Combining products creatively and using unique packaging can help you achieve that. In the process, don’t forget to make your promotion as individually and/or industry targeted as possible.

Make A Great Tagline

Printing a clever tagline can greatly multiple the impact of the product you are sending – particularly if you are sending out an inexpensive promotional product. An example would be a Kitchen Chopper with the slogan “Chop Up The Competition”. Sometimes an inexpensive pen or key-chain is the perfect item to send or a “cool” new item like an oddly shaped stress reliever.

Make It Lasting

Usefulness and shelf life are two very important ingredients for custom printed promotional products. A useful and quality product like a “Pizza Cutter” with your logo and tagline or a multi-use item like the award winning Kickstand Smartphone Wallet may be great choices. Make sure that the product is a quality product that will last as long as intended. For example, you would not want to send out a pen that will write for a few days or a pizza cutter that can’t even cut butter.

Follow Up!

As with all promotions, you need to follow up even if it is just to make sure that your promo item was received.  Depending on your client, follow up can be in the form of a phone call, an email or some social media method. If your promotional product marketing is done well, don’t be surprised if a client or prospect calls you first!

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