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Choosing A Promotional Pen


Promotional pens continue to be one of the least costly most popular marketing tool for businesses and non-profit. They are everywhere and, if done right, have a valuable impact no matter your target market. Even in this age of electronic communication, just about every business person has needed to use a pen at one time or another. Here are some important tips on selecting the proper pen:

Plan Ahead

Yes, it may seem that choosing a pen is a one minute decision but we highly recommend that you take the time to select the right pen for your goals and market. With the variety of pen styles available today – from your basic cap pens, click pens, flashlight pens and even pens shaped like airplanes and more and the printing options you need to allow yourself enough time to consider your options. The bigger your next marketing launch, the more lead time you need to consider. Although we do have the ability to offer fast turnaround, the more time we have to understand your goals and exchange ideas the best your results are likely to be. If anything, having more lead time will allow us to look out for more sales offered by the many promotional product suppliers we work with. It is still possible to have an order turned around within a few working days but we will generally have fewer to choices to offer you and cost may, otherwise, be higher.

Don’t Think Cheap, Think Useful

Usefulness must be considered or your pen may be used for a very short time or not at all. When customers receive a pen you want them to not only use it but, as much as is possible, it needs to become the go to pen. It needs to be they look for when needing to write. It needs to be the pen they carry in their pocket or briefcase or have readily available. Your pen needs to convey quality, care and positive feelings. And no, you do not always need to spend a fortune for a good pen, you just need to select the right one. Your pen needs to be used to lead to the the most impressions. In the united states the cost per impression on pens is less than a penny (see survey below)!

Your Brand

Keep brand consistency! In other words, if your brand color is dark blue, you may want to consider pens with a dark blue barrel. The shape and size of your pen should also be considered. Your logo needs to contrast well when printed and the page needs to be large enough to accommodate it. If your brand is one that needs to convey elegance, then you may need to consider a thin and long barrel pen with a more pointed end. If your customers are more likely to use a cell phone, then a stylus pen may be more appropriate. We will be happy to brainstorm options with you. For larger orders you may even have a pen created just for your brand and message!

Request Samples

There is nothing like the real thing. If at all possible, get a sample of the pens you are considering. Yes, getting samples may take time (plan ahead!) but, believe us, you don’t want to order 500, 1,000, 10,000+ pens and find out that they are not what you expected. There is no way you can get a good feel for a pen by just looking at an online or offline picture.

Impression 2016 Survey

Promotional Pens Survey

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