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February 2018

Will Your Guests Remember You

It is amazing to me that none of the hotels we stayed at have offered even a small token of a gift, such as a simple fridge magnet, so that I would remember where I had stayed. I must say that, even in hotels where I had a great experience, I could not recall the exact name of the brand. Was it a Marriott? Was it a Westin? Maybe it was a Fairfield! The fact is, these are all Read More...

January 2017

How to Select a Promotional Tumbler

They are so many tumblers to choose from it can be very overwhelming. Particularly, if you are looking for something new or different than you previously used. It really all comes down to what is important to your audience. In other words, if you will be giving away or selling the tumblers to a group of environmentalist you want tumblers that have as little impact on the environment as possible. For health conscious guests, BPA free is a first good Read More...

May 2016

South Bend Lifts Salt Lake Campaign Ad!?

Could two different ad agencies have such identical ad ideas? Rarely have we seen such a blatant example of ad skimming as that of South Bend’s outright lifting of the Salt lake ad campaign! They did not even seem to try to hide their plagiarism as they used the same fonts, same design and even the headlines. There is actually one difference between the two ads, one says South bend and the other says Salt Lake! 🙂 How does something like this happen? There is a Read More...

The Travel Translating T-Shirt!

Next time you travel, don’t leave home without this “Translating T-Shirt”! Well, maybe point more like point and speak.  You may want to get a few. It simply features common icons that allow you to easily communicate when you travel the world. All you do is point to an icon and the person you are trying to communicate with will understand what need help with. We love to see our products in action! Submit your action-pic under #iconspeak to join the family. #hostel Read More...

April 2016

Hospitality & Attracting Local Customers

As customers ourselves, we are, actually, very in tune with our process in deciding which hospitality facility (restaurant, hotel, resort…) we decide to frequent. They are certain things we unconsciously look for before we settle on a facility and, Ken Burgin, in his podcast really spells it out well – we strongly suggest you subscribe (and no, we don’t get paid to sponsor him!) Some simple steps (that require time and effort!) Offer local produce!? Part of going away on vacation Read More...

March 2016

Hospitality Business And The Small Details

In the hospitality business, we know that when we are taking care of our guest it’s not just the actions of service such as pouring the water, handing out room cards, taking menus to a table… It’s all the little pieces that are connected to the experience. Things like cleanliness can really impact the impressions the guest have on your business. Or when giving someone a seat that is wobbly or springs are coming out of it looks dirty Read More...
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