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A Guy At Starbucks…


It is fascinating to see how going to a coffee house use to mean spending time reflecting on things by yourself or chatting with friends. Nowadays, many think of coffee houses like Starbucks, Tim Horton, Dunkin Donuts…. as a place to connect online or get some work done on a wifi connected laptop.

Consider the fact many coffee houses have “We have WIFI!” as the important sign on their windows and sometimes nothing else. They have quickly figured out that many do not go to a coffee house to just relax and drink coffee.

Starbucks hyper-popularized the café. Howard Schultz’s vision was of “A Third Space“, somewhere between work and home, where you can relax without the worries associated with either.

Here Are Top Ten Reasons Why People “Work” at Coffee Houses…or Don’t

  • Work, what work? With so much activity of all sorts happening around your table, so much entertainment, it is hard to remember that, you are actually pumping out tons of work.
  • It gets my creative juices going. Even just the idea of going to the local Starbucks gets your brain in 5th gear. Lots of free flowing ideas are flying around you, bits of conversations, people walking in and out, music playing, the jolly baristas…
  • Who needs to pay for office rent when you just have to pay for a cup of coffee (or two)? – monthly rent: $53.40 ot a little more
  • There is so much caffeine in the air, you may not even need to consume any coffee
  • Home office is great….until the crowds come home (and we all love our special crowd), UPS rings your bell, the sink needs plunging, the “do you mind if I ask you a question” is asked…. Coffee houses have virtually no interruptions and if something breaks, it’s not your problem!
  • In the office, you cannot stare blankly out the window or at your wall. You need to be moving, talking, doing stuff even if you sense that you are just filling up time. Just the thought that the boss may catch you day dreaming or reading some inspiring quote for a minute or two does not allow you to be your best, really!
  • Need a drink? Just walk up to a baristas and they will be more than happy to serve you. That alone may make you feel special and lead to a more positive state of mind. 
  • You can focus better
  • OK, so no one may know you or you may know no one in that coffee house but we are all have something in common, getting coffee or food or…, and that makes you like you are part of this special community.
  • And, if by any chance someone shows any interest in what you may be working on, you can explain with confidence that you are working on this really great thing. You may even get a very unbiased opinion. Try that at the office!
  • Sorry, that was 10 already – One last one: Once you become a regular at the local coffee house, you may even have a chance to see the other regulars and create valuable connections.

Wonder what would happen if hotels, inns or other similar facilities attracted a this same crowd? After all, at some point, coffee houses lovers still have to get some sleep!

And no, the guy without a laptop or smartphone or tablet is not a psychopath. But he/she may not have yet realized the power of the coffee house. Maybe you should wear a T-Shirt that says “How I made a fortune one cup of coffee at a time without selling any coffee!” and see what happens!


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