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January 2017

I could just do it myself in minutes!

It always fascinates me when a client says something like that. Maybe that is true but many more times than not, people do not realize how much of their precious time is actually spent selecting the “right” promotional product (or any other task for that matter). Then, there is the issue of quality and selecting the right item and having true after purchase help and future follow ups and what item should you do next, and what else is available Read More...

December 2016

Choosing a Personalized Promotional Item

OK, so you just need an personalized umbrella. You may be tempted to select the cheapest umbrella. You may decide to just go on the web, choose from what you find and just settle for the one that seems best (OTA style!). You may even call one of those web suppliers and, hopefully, speak to someone who knows about umbrellas, knows the hospitality industry and is truly interested in your needs and goals. Unfortunately, It is unlikely that this person, Read More...

March 2016

Hospitality Business And The Small Details

In the hospitality business, we know that when we are taking care of our guest it's not just the actions of service such as pouring the water, handing out room cards, taking menus to a table... It's all the little pieces that are connected to the experience. Things like cleanliness can really impact the impressions the guest have on your business. Or when giving someone a seat that is wobbly or springs are coming out of it looks dirty Read More...
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