Not another promotional products catalog!

Not another catalog! Not this time! With over 1.3 million promotional products available, the last thing you need is another overwhelming bunch of product information that is unfocused and likely to be put aside in a file cabinet, drawer or the recycling bin.

Let us do the work for you. We work with hundreds of high quality suppliers offering great prices on thousands of quality items and printing methods. And it won’t cost you anything to use our expertise.

Tell us about your next event, corporate meeting, sales goal, fund raiser… and we will find a promotional product that is most likely to yield the results you want. We can help you find the product that can give you an additional advantage over your competitors and help you enhance your customer experience.

Why not just use the internet search engines? The internet search results lack focus and offer too many possibilities, requiring hours of your time to narrow down what will work for you. Let us take on this responsibility for free!

You want to be socially responsible. Are the products you are considering sustainably made, organic, USA made, not from questionable overseas factories…?

You already know what you need. It’s easy to get stuck on what you have always used. We offer a free consultative approach to give you other ideas that may be more current and/or relevant to attract new business.

How many choices can there be? In the USA alone, there are over 3,500 suppliers of promotional products offering over 1.3 million products. Don’t just do pens or a t-shirt or a baseball cap because they happen to be the most popular items to print.

You can reach us by e-mail (, phone 888-524-8690, text, WhatsApp or web form. Have an amazing day!

“However, let’s not forget what we are all (hopefully) trying to achieve in this business of ours – flawless hospitality.”  –  By Giles Gordon-Smith|January 17th, 2017 in eHotelier

Why Promotional Products? See For Yourself!

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